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airtight glass bowl with stainless lid

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  • MaterialStainless steel + Glass

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Airtight Glass Bowl with stainless steel lid.

Feature –

GlassTen provides perfect way to store food and vegetables in fresh for a longer time.

GlassTen consists of borosilicate glass bowl and high-grade stainless steel lid with silicone sealing.  Glass bowl dose not absorb the bad smell of the contents, which is not like plastic storage container. Easy to wash out. Bowl made of borosilicate glass is resistant in high heat, so that it is oven safe and microwave oven safe. It is also resistant in sudden cooling and so, it can be storaged in refrigerator.  Lid made of high-grade stainless steel and silicone seals hermetically and hygienically. Available to buy glass bowl and lid separately

Material –

Bowl – heat resistant borosilicate glass

Lid – #304 stainless steel &silicone

Color –

Transparent bowl and mirror finish lid with white silicone

How to open and close the lid

Slightly pull the silicone handle on the lid for opening lid and just press the lid slightly for closing lid.

Capacity: Size L. x W. x H mm
360 ml : 100 L. x 100 W. x 60 mm H.
800 ml : 135 L. x 135 W. x 70 mm H.
1100 ml : 164 L. x 118 W. x 77 mm H.
2000 ml : 218 L. x 169 W. x 85 mm H.
3400 ml : 278 L. x 168 W. x 90 mm H.



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